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The process of formation and development

Stainless steel Dai Duong is familiar brand in Vietnam's stainless steel market and some countries.

Joining stainless steel industry since 2001

Dai Duong has many years of experience in stainless steel business such as: coils, sheets, decorative pipes, round bars, industrial tubes, angle bars, flat bars with grade 304, 304L, 316, 202, 201, 430, 410 ...

Formation and development dai duong stainless steel- 794

Since 2009, Dai Duong has invested in factory produce decorative pipes, round bar which used in construction and decoration with the capacity 2,000 tons / year.

In 2017 is marked a special year in the history of development of Dai Duong, with a production up to 30,000 tons/year, highest after 17 years of establishment and development.

With this development, 2018 Dai Duong invest in building a second stainless steel manufacturing with a modern production line of European standards, capacity 40,000 tons per year. This will increase the total output of stainless steel pipes to 70 tons per year

Nhà máy sản xuất ống Inox Đại Dương

Currently, Dai Duong Stainless Steel Tubing Products has been confirmed as the leading stainless steel pipe products of Vietnam market, is the quality and prestige product and was certified by the trust of whole customers in Vietnam. Stainless steel pipe products manufactured by Dai Duong export to Europe, Asia, such as Turkey, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil ...

The main products of Dai Duong are stainless steel decorative pipe grade 201, 304, 430 and are produced and applied according to quality management system Iso 9001: 2015

Certified according to European Standard EN 10217-7, approved by the standardization organization European Union- CEN, certified according to ASTM A554 by National Standards Organization American and ASTM International. Testing & Materials Association American.

Certified according to JIS G3459 standard by Japan Industrial Standards Organization (JIS). Besides that: certified by Vietnam High Quality Goods, Top 10 Viet Brands Strong Brand ...

By selection of quality raw materials from reputable suppliers combined with advanced technology and production processes control. Providing to customers efficient and professional management system, Dai Duong Inox ensures to bring to customers the quality stainless steel pipe suitable for diversified demand.

Vision / Mission


Dai Duong stainless steel continuously affirms position as the leading supplier in Vietnam specialized in stainless steel materials and manufacture related products.

Tầm nhìn & Chiến lược Inox Đại Dương


Bring satisfaction to customers by supplying suitable quality stainless steel pipe products, competitive price and convenient service.

To be an efficient and sustainable economic organization in order to increase shareholders value in long term.

The modern technology production system brings safety economic and spiritual life of laborers.

Combine the benefits of company with community responsibility by building a good society, contribute to development of the country.

Core value

  • Commitment, credibility in work with partners, with customers
  • Development on effective platform
  • Success with customers, care and meet demand of customers
  • Systematic activity and interaction, share information, is civilized work environment and is the common home of staff.

Giá trị cốt lõi Inox Đại Dương

Quality policy

1. Dai Duong’s mission always is: satisfy customer by high quality products, convenient services at reasonable prices.

2. CEO commitment to create conditions and provide resources for the operation of the quality management system ISO 9001:2015. Investment commitments to improve and modernize production machinery to produce the best quality products at competitive prices, efficient production and meet customer needs quickly.

Ông Phạm Quang Minh Tổng Giám Đốc kiêm Chủ Tịch Hội Đồng Quản Trị Inox Đại Dương

3. Employees commit to implement the 5S principles in management to improve the working quality and efficiency as well as avoid of time in working. 5S stand for: sort-stabilize- shine – standardize - sustain

4. Employees at all levels are trained enough knowledge and skills needed by the requirements of each job and aware of the importance of meeting the highest customers’s requirements is the deciding factor bring success to the company.

5. The company strictly implements the policy toward customers as follows: taking care customers, always listening to the feedback information from customers as soon as possible as well as always satisfying customer needs.

6. Choose reputable suppliers in the world to ensure quality input.