What is steel wire drawing? Applications of steel wire in life

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What is steel wire drawing?

What is steel wire drawing?

Steel wire drawing is a process of metal working by pressure. A strip or coil is drawed through a die or multiple dies in a row. Each die has a diameter smaller than the diameter of the input material, and the cross-sectional area of ​​the wire is reduced as it passes through each die. As a result, the cross-section of the wire is reduced, but the length of the wire increases or lengthens according to its new diameter.

Input material of stainless steel wire

Steel strips are selected as input materials for steel wire drawing technology. Steel coil width must be 700mm or more. When the strip is slitting from the coil, width will be about 100mm to facilitate cutting-rolling-scissors into steel wire products. If the material is a secondary product, size 355mm, it’s soft and can be brought into drawing without a slitting step.

The secondary steel can be used as input material. Usually this material will be imported in the form of a whole lot, with this type, the thickness and width will be different.

The above materials, which are standard materials for the rolling method, make the production process easier. The wire products when finished are from 1mm to 6mm in diameter. It is often used in the field of B40 mesh weaving, advertising shelves, making electric fan spokes, stamping all kinds…

In addition, the input materials can also be replaced with hot-rolled wire rod, imported from abroad. Using wire rod as input material for drawing steel wire requires soft material or SAE1006 or 1008B. This is also the material that is put into production without going through the cutting and rolling stage. From 5.5mm to 10mm in diameter, after drawing, a wire with a diameter of less than 1mm will be produced which can be steamed, electroplated, this process after the finished product is also known as stainless steel wire or zinc tie. In the case of pulling the right size rope for high-end fields such as motorcycle parts, hangers, bolts, etc.

In addition, other types: cables, purlin edges, handmade hot-rolled scraps… With these types often not used much, but in order to compete on price, some establishments still accept production.

The current method of testing the softness – hardness of materials is based on experience. Establishments often let their employees see the goods at the store first. Will experienced staff test the softness of rollable steel? The professional word “heavy-handed” refers to hardened steel.

Stainless steel wire drawing process

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First, the steel strip is inserted into a horizontal rotating cylinder. The end of the steel strip is separated and fed into a sawing machine. After passing through the slitting machine, the steel strip is divided into many wires with a rectangular cross section with a width smaller than the original strip.

The steel wires, after being cut from the large steel band, are wound on the rollers as follows:

  • The steel strip 100mm can be cutting into 10 smaller lines of steel depending on the machine and these slitting convert into rectangular cross section steel. These ten steel wires are wound into 10 rollers and into 10 square-section steel coils.
  • One of these ten steel coils will be sent to the internal winding machine to produce round wire and the output product is steel coils with circular cross-section.
  • These circular cross-section coils are fed to tractors to drawing the wire of even smaller cross-section.

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And the output product is the steel wire coil.

Notes when drawing steel wire

  • Currently, the method of drawing wire from steel material is the most used. Due to the alloy when being drawn will give high strength, but in the process of drawing the wire, if the workpiece is mixed with impurities, it will be easily broken and cracked. For steel when drawing wire will not be affected from other impurities.
  • The mold used to draw wire is usually made of hard alloys, so the cost is relatively high. Along with that, each manufacturer will have a unique drawstring diameter requirement. So these types of steel wire drawing molds will be ordered for processing, not available in the market.
  • Like most other molds, the inside of the machine’s mold needs to have a high shine so that when pulling the wire, the resulting product will have the highest gloss and accuracy.

The common application of stainless steel wire

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The applications of steel wire are very popular in the market. It is used in almost all industries, making it a good choice for safety, longevity and versatility. Here are the common applications of steel wire:

In agriculture:

The uses and applications of steel wire in the agricultural field often differ in their function. Such as trellis for climbing plants, fences to protect plants…

In animal husbandry

The use of wire in the animal husbandry is very useful and important. Because it creates favorable conditions for shielding and protecting the farm.

In construction industry

Construction and architectural engineers always choose steel wire to put into use. They use steel wire to lift heavy things like cement blocks, machines, or even people in elevators. Steel wire is also used in a number of other supports for the building.

In space industry

The aerospace industry also takes advantage of the use of steel wire. High altitudes require parts that are subject to a lot of heat, pressure and corrosion… Steel wire is resistant to all of that. Thanks to the nature of the steel wires, they work well as connectors for pedals, levers and other components in the aircraft. It can also be used extensively in propeller control and vibration mitigation during fabrication.

In equipment

In fact, everything about a factory can be applied and integrated with steel wire. In the manufacturing industry, steel wire is suitable because it helps the equipment to operate stably. Factories have many mechanisms for moving goods and people.

In car industry

Steel wire is widely used in the transportation industry. Like aerospace, steel wire is used as a connector for pedals… In addition, steel wire is widely used in the manufacture of other automotive parts.

In entertainment

The versatility of steel cords has made them useful even in the entertainment industry. Steel ropes are used for most of the dangerous scenes in the film. It also helps to move the device between contexts. In addition, steel rope is also made in amusement park games. Steel ropes help reinforce safety measures during trips; It is also used to pull roller coasters and support the entire weight of the cable car.

In mining industry

Steel wire is widely used in the mining industry. In some countries, this industry is still the leader in steel wire consumption. It can be found in almost every step of the mining process. From lifting shafts, mining minerals, becoming connections for mining equipment, to transporting resources. Considering the dangers that come with this activity, the strength of steel wire provides much safety for workers. That is why only steel wires are selected and acquired for this industry.

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