Brazil sets anti-dumping duties against stainless pipe imports from Asia

Vệ sinh và bảo quản Thép không gỉ

The Brazil has imposed anti-dumping duties in imports of welded austenitic stainless steel pipes imported from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Duties will vary from $367.56 per tonne to $888.27 per tonne, according to an announcement by the country’s Ministry of Industry and Foreign Trade and Services published on Thursday June 14.

Welded stainless pipes exported to Brazil by Malaysia’s Pantech Stainless & Alloy Industries will face a duty of $367.56 per tonne, while those shipped by other producers in the country will be subject to duties of $740.02 per tonne.

Vietnamese steelmaker Vinlong Stainless Steel will be subject to duties of $782.11 per tonne on its exports of stainless welded pipe to Brazil, while Oss Daiduong International Joint Stock Company (Stainless steel Dai Duong), Sonha International Corporation, Sonha Ssp Vietnam Sole Member Co. and Tien Dat Trade Import & Export Company Limited will be subject to duties of $806.14. Imports of welded pipe from all other Vietnamese companies will be subject to duties of $888.27 per tonne.

Stainless welded pipe imports from Thailand will be subject to duties of $747.56 per tonne.

The measure applies to products classified under the tariff codes 73064000 and 73069020, and will be valid for 5 years starting on June 14.

Products subject to the duties have external diameters from 6mm to 2.03m and wall thicknesses from 0.40mm to 12.70mm.

The trade case was launched in January 2017, after requests from local pipe producers Aperam Inox Tubos Brasil and Marcegaglia, which are Brazil’s sole producers of welded stainless steel pipes.

More information: Currently, Stainless steel Dai Duong have been a leading provider in Vietnam products of stainless steel coils, sheets, decorative tubes, casting pipes, industrial pipes, oval tubes, wires, bars (round, hexagon, square, angle (V), flat) … numbers of above products manufactured by DAIDUONG factory has been exporting to Europe, Asia, Latin America, such as Turkey, India, Malaysia , Indonesia, Brazil …

Stainless steel round pipes / square pipes/rectangular pipes with Grade 304/201/430/410. These products are manufactured by modern technology chain, strictly complied with ISO 9001:2015 standard. They are sold in local market as well as exported into foreign market, such as: ASEAN, India, Korea, Thailand, Russia etc.


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