Hot Rolled Coil and Cold Rolled Coil

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Mentioned in steel, there must be many types, steel on the market. For example: steel plates, steel bars, steel coils, steel pipes … But where did they come from or ever heard of the term “hot rolled coils” or “cold rolled coils? “And how to distinguish hot rolled coil and cold rolled steel coil?

Basic production process of hot and cold rolled coils

Hot Rolled Coil or Cold Rolled Coil is a stage in the steelmaking process. In it, derived from the first stage is the material, molten – molding, rolling until the final stage is the sanitary products that we usually see in the market. In the rolling phase, depending on the purpose of production, the manufacturer conducts the material into the hot rolling process or continues to cold rolled after this stage because different production process will produce the product with the picture. Different types and reasons.

What is hot rolled steel?

What is hot rolled steel?

Rolling is the process of producing hot rolled coils, and cold rolled coils. At this stage, the steel is introduced into the hot rolling mill and rolled at temperatures over 1000 degrees Celsius to produce the final product. This is a period of high temperature that changes the material as well as change the shape of the metal to shape, bringing the steel to the desired shape. Hot-rolled steel products are usually dark blue, glossy as well as aesthetically pleasing.

What is the hot rolled steel coil?

Due to the heating, hot rolled coils are easily shaped or molded to form the steel as required. Finished hot-rolled steel products can be used for the car industry, railroads, industrial roofing, steel beam type I, H …. Hot rolled coil is the material to continue to produce welded steel pipes, cast steel pipes. In addition, it is also a raw material for cold rolled steel production.

What is Cold Rolled Coil?

What is Cold Rolled Coil?Picture Cold rolled stainless steel tubes are manufactured in stainless steel Dai Duong stainless steel plant 

Cold Rolled Coil Process is carried out after hot rolled coils. Hot rolled coils are used to produce cold rolled steel coils by reducing the thickness and bringing the temperature to a suitable level. It can even be reduced to room temperature. To control the steady temperature and maintain the unmodified internal steel structure, the manufacturer usually uses coolant solution during the cold rolling process. This factor is important because it does not create any significant pressure or impulse that causes unwanted problems such as cracking of the surface or faults. The principle of cold rolled steel production is that it does not alter the physical properties of steel but only deforms steel as a thin sheet steel. This process of cold rolled coils makes steel stronger than hot rolled coils.

What is the cold rolled steel used for?

Cold-rolled steel is mainly used to make flat products such as flat steel sheets, rolled steel sheets, flat steel sheets, round and square parts, smooth surfaces.

In general, hot rolled coil or cold rolled steel has advantages and disadvantages. However, each use needs to choose the superior features of that type to meet the productivity as well as cost.

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